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Medical Device Contract Manufacturer Georgia. The medical device industry in Georgia is one where precision and quality are of foremost importance. Medical providers across the United States expect parts and materials that they know will be reliable and accurate. In some cases, they will require high volume orders, as certain products are single-use in order to combat infectious disease and keep high levels of cleanliness. Most notably, they need these orders to be on time and within budget.

Roberson Tool is an experienced contract manufacturer in Georgia that is happy to serve the medical device sector across the nation. We provide all manner of machining, milling, and turning services and work with all kinds of materials. No job is too big or too little–we can handle any size production run. Our wide-ranging prototyping capability will assist your business in future projects as well. Centrally located with 15 years of experience and operating out of a fully company-owned facility, Roberson Tool is the ideal source for your Georgia medical device contract manufacturing needs. Talk to our staff today online, or call us at 573-646-3996.

Why Contract Manufacturing?

The medical business is one that requires many custom parts and components, as well as many unique challenges. Factors like seasonal demand cycles, a need for high production quantities due to many components being single-use, and high start-up costs mean that many Georgia medical firms face a choice when ordering parts or prototypes for new devices.

Working with a top medical device contract manufacturer allows Georgia businesses of any size to solve these problems and gives them with a cost-effective and high-quality solution. Some of the many benefits of Georgia medical device contract manufacturing are:

  • Savings – This is not just limited to expenses, either. Working with an outside medical device machining firm frees up space at your Georgia facility for other uses, as well as lowers labor costs.
  • Consistency – You need your Georgia medical device products to be built to exacting quality control standards. Roberson Tool is built to provide the highest standard of reliability and consistency. We not only provide documentation and test information that shows our parts are built to the tightest tolerances, we can also work with your own quality assurance department to guarantee that your standards are being met as well.
  • Scalability – We know that demands and circumstances can change at a moment’s notice in Georgia. Today’s specifications and product requirements may end up being a small part of what you’ll actually need. Georgia contract manufacturing remedies this by being able to change production numbers as quickly as you need them. You will not need to be concerned about purchasing new equipment or hiring new employees in Georgia: Roberson Tool fixes all your production needs.
  • Advanced equipment – Buying your own CNC machining tools is a onerous expense, and there’s no guarantee that it will still be the latest and greatest even a couple years from now. At Roberson Tool, we make consistent upgrades to our machinery so you can always get products produced on the newest and highest technology CNC equipment available. Not only does this allow you to have access to the finest machinery, it also bolsters the quality of your parts: newer CNC machine tools can produce parts and prototypes to tighter tolerances than ever before.
  • Unlimited possibilities – Computerized, automated machining methods such as CNC machining have totally changed the game in manufacturing. Now parts can be produced in sizes, shapes, and using materials previously not thought possible. Our veteran crew can work with you to create and revise your parts using the latest CNC machining technology.

CNC Machining For The Medical Sector

The medical industry in Georgia is a large and complex group of interconnected firms that all require specialized attention when manufacturing parts. A number of medical devices are designed for a single use, as that helps mitigate the risk of infection. Many parts, like stents, catheters, and medical-grade screws or pins, are tiny and highly specialized–some only 50 microns in size. As well, Georgia medical manufacturing requires very tight tolerances and accurate measurements–poor workmanship or loose quality control can quite truly be the difference between life and death.

CNC machining and manufacturing, therefore, is an ideal solution for the Georgia medical sector. Because the entire CNC milling and turning process is computer-controlled, parts are made with high consistency and to stringent standards. Medical companies in Georgia use CNC machined parts in many applications, including:

  • Orthotics
  • Medical implants (hip and shoulder replacements, ankle implants, etc.)
  • Complex internal and replacement parts for medical machinery such as ultrasounds, diagnostic monitoring equipment, and MRI/CT scanners
  • Surgical tools
  • Lighting equipment
  • Safety enclosures and mounting hardware for monitoring equipment

Roberson Tool – Your Proven Georgia Medical Device Contract Manufacturer

With more than 15 years’ experience, Roberson Machine Company has helped many Georgia firms with their contract machining needs. We own our entire property, building and lot. This means that while other Georgia machine shops have to regularly pay rent, we utilize that money instead to regularly update and improve our CNC machining equipment. Centrally located for speedy turnaround times and links to major markets, Roberson Tool can produce parts and tools, built to your strict standards, and in any size. We also specialize in prototyping and services like deburring, engraving, and welding that add exceptional value to your Georgia medical device contract manufacturing project.

Our experienced team is ready to work with you not just as a Georgia contract manufacturer, but for all your medical device machining needs. Talk to us by dialing 573-646-3996, by filling out our online contact form, or you can request a quote.