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About Roberson Machine Company

Roberson Machine Company is known by our customers as a manufacturer of precision machined products with exceptional customer care and precise accuracy that is competitively priced.

Over the years, we have learned being rurally located that owning our own land and buildings has helped us win the majority of our bids and contracts. The quality of our workmanship and customer care is why people stay with our crew of over a dozen skilled workers.

We are welcoming new clients this year. Our recent expansion and the new machines that we have added are just a phone call away from helping you with your current project. We adhere to rigorous quality control standards and have been producing top-notch documentation and processes for 20 years and counting. Call us at 573-646-3996 to get your free quote!

About Roberson Machine Company
Roberson Company Team


Roberson Tool & Die has exceptional customer service and responsiveness! I never worry that my parts won’t ship when they promise. They provide high quality 5 axis parts for my company at a fair price. Roberson has been rated as one of my top suppliers in 2018!

We have been using Roberson Tool & Die since it opened. They have proved to be reliable and precise on specialized parts and custom fabricated parts again and again. Quotes always come back quick and turn around time is great. Quality is excellent and costs are competitive. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Roberson Tool is great to work with.

In my 30 years as a buyer in the Oil & Gas industry, I have worked with numerous machine shops across the US. I would like to express my appreciation to Roberson Tool for the outstanding performance they have provided. My experience with Roberson Tool has been one of competitive pricing, on time deliveries and zero defects with the quality of their work. I never had to expedite them or justify their pricing. Rob and Brad Roberson always went the extra mile for me to make sure our company was taken care of and that our expectations were met. Upon visiting their facility, I found it to be clean and organized. Their CNC machining centers were of the latest technology and their machinists were well trained and qualified to run the parts. I can honestly say that working with Roberson Tool was a pleasant experience and a win/win for our two companies. I highly recommend Roberson Tool to anyone searching for quality machining work.

RTD is great with meeting the needs and demands of our quality standards. Always respond to our needs be it day to day requirements or emergency situation with a quick response at no extra cost to get us out of a bind. Brad and Rob are competent and capable of resolving an issue that may arise We can always clean up an error on paper but it’s the kind of quick response and outstanding service that puts RTD on the top. Quick professional response to quotes at fair pricing helps us to provide answers to our customers in a timely manner. RTD deserves credit for going above and beyond normal expectations!

Roberson Tool is a pleasure to work with. They are always to help on new projects. Their work is impeccable and they meet there scheduled delivery dates. They are always willing to try to help with improving the dates if needed. We have worked with them for 6 years and would recommend their services. I would rate them as excellent for a vendor.


Roberson Machine Company is committed to providing quality and timely products to satisfy our customers by:

  • Utilizing proven methods, equipment and employees
  • Providing quick turnaround and cost effective solutions to our customers
  • Understanding customer and product requirements especially complex
  • Pursuing continuous improvement


With Roberson Tool’s dynamic history, we have stood as a beacon of quality in our industry. Adhering to our rigorous quality control standards, we’ve been producing top-notch documentation and processes for 20 years and counting. Utilizing years of combined experience, which allows us to complete each project from concept, to prototyping to shipping it directly to you in the most efficient manner possible. These processes allow us to be competitive in our industry which saves you money in the interim and for years to come.

If you have custom quality requirements please let us know.

Scope of Materials


A wide range of aluminums including: 6061, 7075, 7050


A wide range of steels and alloys including: A-36, C1018, 4140, 1045, A2, D2, S7


A wide range of stainless steels including: 303, 304, 316, 321, 420SS, 416, 440


A wide range of plastics including: Delrin, Nylon, PEEK, HDPE and Glass Filled Nylon. Other metals including: Bronze and Brass