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Precision CNC Machining. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is one of the most common manufacturing processes in the world. We enjoy it. We rely on it for many projects, as do our customers. But at Roberson Machine Company, we like to ramp things up a bit for our customers. Enter the Precision CNC Machining process.

Precision CNC Machining uses subtractive processes. We remove excess material from a workpiece — while holding close tolerance finishes — in order to create a faster finished product. Precision machining using CNC equipment involves milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining to shape large pieces of material into more precise parts so that they can meet very exact specifications.

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Our skilled machinists operate our Precision CNC machines relying on computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programmed tool paths based on the size and geometry of the final part. The CAD software creates a 2D vector or a 3D design of the final piece and the CAM software translates the programming code into manufacturing instructions for the Precision CNC machine. Our Precision CNC Machining systems cut almost any metal alloy and rigid plastic with concise accuracy, making a cut that is precise on the 900th time as it is on the first.

Whether it’s one part or thousands, our Precision CNC machinists know every measurement and tolerance necessary for your project and understand the materials we are working with. Knowing when to choose tighter tolerances or when we shouldn’t is extremely important to your part, particularly after the CAD/CAM specs have been initiated. Tolerances are vital to the Precision CNC Machining process because they help reduce production costs and turnaround times. The job calls for a lot of skill and patience to be done correctly. Our Precision CNC machinists have over 20 years of experience, devising the most efficient path to the finished product for our customers.

Utilizing Precision CNC Machining in Your Industry

Many industries simply cannot function without customized precision machining. Imagine going to a gas station without using a specialized machine. Or a hospital. How do you pump gas? How does a doctor perform surgery on… anything? Roberson Machine Company utilizes our Precision CNC Machining system for the following industries:

It’s safe to say that all major industries profit from Precision CNC Machining. Our customized system offers better flexibility, shortens production time, cuts costs, and improves overall product quality. Precision, efficiency, and value added machining and production services have become the criteria for our success. We make things work. That’s the root of our business. But we strive to make things work for you. That’s our bottom line.

Precision CNC Machining Vs. Traditional Machining

In traditional machining, machinists operate equipment to remove or form metal. They do this based on specifications provided by designers, usually through a drawing or blueprint. The machinists use vices, chucks, switches, turn wheels, and a wide variety of other cutting tools. This process takes time and creates wear-and-tear on all of the materials and cutting tools. And they haven’t even measured yet. Precision CNC Machining performs the same function as traditional machining, but in a fraction of the time. It is automated, developed by programmers, and driven by code. Once the tolerances are inputted and verified, our experienced machinists can, quite literally, sit back and let ‘er rip.

Precision CNC Machining Done the Right Way | Roberson Machine Company

We built our business on knowing our customers and what they need. If you are looking for a dependable, responsive Precision CNC Machining company that delivers on time and within the agreed budget, we have the capability to get the job done no matter the size or speed of your project. Contact us today for a customized answer to your machining requirement.

Roberson Machine Company is ideally situated in a central location — on our own land and in our own facility — for fast delivery times and access to major markets. Our recently expanded national manufacturing facility and our new Precision CNC Machining system are just a phone call away 573-646-3996 from helping you with your current project. We utilize our Precision CNC machine shop and have been producing top-notch documentation and processes for all of your Precision CNC Machining needs for 20-plus years and counting. Call us at 573-646-3996 or Contact us here.

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