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EDM Machining Services

Wire EDM Services Can Cut Your Production Costs

Wire EDM is a well-established technique that’s widely used to create extremely accurate components of many different types. Ideal for complex, demanding projects, wire EDM delivers exceptional results. One of the major advantages of this approach is that it also eliminates the problem of burrs and slight irregularities which using other techniques can bring. Wire EDM provides an ultra-smooth surface that requires no additional smoothing or shaping.

EDM Machining Services for a Variety of Industries

Wire EDM is an extremely versatile option that is the preferred choice by many industry professionals. Ideal for aerospace projects, we also regularly provide EDM machining services to robotics developers, the medical equipment industry and the energy sector. Particularly if you wish to use exotic metals or other specialist compounds, wire EDM is the perfect solution.

Wire EDM Services and Related Options

In addition to our EDM machining services, we also undertake a selection of complementary activities which can accommodate many of your production requirements. Our highly skilled team can complete welding, fabricating, bending, assembly and more, giving you the services you need for cost-effective, efficient production without the need to transport components from one site to another for finishing.

EDM Machining Services from a Highly Experienced Team

Over the years we have developed a good understanding of what our customers need; if you’re looking for a dependable, responsive company that delivers on time and within the agreed budget, we have the capability to get the job done. To find out more about our Wire EDM services or to discuss your project in more detail, call us at (573) 646-3996.


Roberson Machine Company specializes in manufacturing parts to precise specifications using Charmilles Robofil 310 wire EDM which is capable of cutting 15 inches tall and up to 30° of taper. Our quality work has included parts for the robotics, aerospace, medical and energy markets. By utilizing EDM machining in a variety of materials Including Exotic Metals, Brass, Carbide, Aluminum and Graphite, we can produce parts to meet your specifications. We have the capacity to handle a variety of your production needs from prototype to short, medium or long run production. For assistance with your next project, please email us or give us a call with your product specifications.

  • Charmilles Robofil 310 wire EDM which is capable of cutting 15 inches tall and up to 30° of taper

  • Machining in a Variety of Materials Including Exotic Metals, Brass, Carbide, Aluminum and Graphite