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Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Indianapolis, IN

Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Indianapolis, IN. Aluminum parts, particularly ones manufactured by Roberson Machine Company, are becoming an increasingly popular option for a good majority of Indianapolis, IN customers, in many different industries. Aluminum is a lightweight metal with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it particularly useful for applications and parts in which metallic-level strength is required, but mass is still a concern.

At Roberson Machine Company, we put an emphasis on quality, making it our primary priority. We deliver precise, complex aluminum parts and products in a fraction of the time and at a far better quality than our Indianapolis, IN competitors due to our skilled and knowledgeable team of specialists. Call the leading aluminum parts manufacturer now at 573-646-3996 or reach out to us online.

Why Should I Choose Aluminum for My Indianapolis, IN Company’s Custom Manufactured Parts?

Aluminum is versatile and easy to machine. It is the second most malleable and sixth most ductile material on the planet. (Ductility is a material’s ability to change its shape and be drawn into wire without breaking or losing strength.) Several aluminum properties and factors make it the ideal choice for custom parts for your Indianapolis, IN business, including:

Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Indianapolis, IN | Indianapolis, IN CNC Aluminum Services | Roberson Machine Company

What Are the Typical Applications for Indianapolis, IN Custom Manufactured Aluminum Parts?

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, and is widely used in different Indianapolis, IN industries due the aforementioned properties. Roberson Machine Company offers quality custom aluminum parts and services for various capabilities. Call us at 573-646-3996 or contact us online, give us your specifications in Indianapolis, IN, and we’ll deliver the finest custom aluminum parts. You can also utilize our online quote tool.

Aluminum is one of the most common materials used in the following industries:

  • Transportation – Aluminum has a lower density than most other metals, especially steel and iron, making it an ideal material for various transportation uses like railways, airplanes, spacecraft, and more in Indianapolis, IN. Custom aluminum parts don’t rust easily due to a protective lawyer of aluminum oxide. Also, when employed on vehicle bodies, aluminum improves fuel economy because of its low weight.
  • Aerospace – Aluminum is a perfect metal for building various items within the aerospace industry, because it is light, flexible, and strong. Our Indianapolis, IN partners in aircraft manufacturing use aluminum in almost every part, from the hydraulic systems, refueling hoses, wing panels, and fuselage to the tie-down systems and more. Aluminum parts also ensure the components don’t rust over time and make the plane as light as possible.
  • Food Processing and Packaging – Most food packaging containers employ aluminum because it provides a trustworthy barrier that preserves food in Indianapolis, IN. These containers are recyclable, and they are also simple to mold into different shapes and sizes. Aluminum is also preferred in the food processing industry because it’s lightweight, corrosion resistant, produces no metallic taste, and doesn’t tarnish.
  • Electrical – Compared to copper, aluminum is weighs less and is more cost effective, making it the preferred material for electrical transmission lines near Indianapolis, IN and throughout the U.S.. Other common uses of custom aluminum parts are:

    • Housing
    • Brackets
    • Fixtures
    • Panels
    • Enclosures
    • Knobs
    • Utensils
    • Engine parts
    • Optical reflectors

    In addition to being your aluminum parts manufacturer, Roberson Machine Company provides the following for our Indianapolis, IN customers:

    How Do You Manufacture Custom Aluminum Parts For My Indianapolis, IN Company?

    A CNC specialist, Roberson Machine Company manufactures aluminum parts for our Indianapolis, IN customers through the following processes:

    • CNC Milling
    • We have CNC equipment with 3 axis and 4 axis, along with 5 axis. We are your Indianapolis, IN company’s single-source manufacturer for aluminum parts, offering end-to-end milling services.

    • CNC Turning
    • Along with our milling machines, we specialize in turning services that offer our partners large quantities of top-quality parts in a short amount of time. Our partners understand the benefit of meeting production goals in Indianapolis, IN, regardless of the industry they do business in. We also offer value-added services to steer our customers away from any outsourcing.

    • Wire EDM
    • Taking advantage of 4 axis wire EDM, we have the capacity to produce custom aluminum parts. A major benefit of utilizing wire EDM in the manufacturing of custom Indianapolis, IN aluminum parts and products is that it eliminates the possibility of burrs and slight irregularities. We also have the ability to offer tapered cuts up to 45 degrees.

    • Precision Machining
    • Our centrally located facility is home to a wide range of CNC machines including lathes, turning centers with live tools, vertical and horizontal milling machines, and a variety of others. This allows us to produce precision machined CNC products for your Indianapolis, IN company quickly in any quantity.

    Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Indianapolis, IN | Aluminum CNC Near You in Indianapolis, IN | Roberson Machine Company

    What Types of Aluminum are Used for Manufacturing Indianapolis, IN Custom Parts?

    Due to aluminum’s strong, largely inert, malleable, and extremely versatile nature, we can machine it into the custom shapes and sizes you need in Indianapolis, IN. Whether you need a precision machined and durable aluminum part for your medical device component or aerospace applications, Roberson Machine Company is here to help. Our vast experience in the manufacturing industry, combined with our aluminum and CNC expertise, enables us to deliver complex and custom parts to you and your Indianapolis, IN company in short turnaround times.

    To get to know more about us, our aluminum part manufacturing, or our other CNC services, give us a call now at 573-646-3996 or contact us. Also, you can request a quote anytime online for custom CNC machined aluminum parts. We use these grades of aluminum in our shop:

    • 6061 – Likely the most popular aluminum alloy, along with 7075. This grade is thought of as a general-purpose alloy. It can be easily welded and has superb machinability characteristics. This alloy is regularly used to make bike frames, brake pistons, and electrical fittings.
    • 7075 – One of the strongest aluminum alloys available, 7075 achieves this by sacrificing corrosion resistance – copper in its composition is the reason behind both effects. The strength makes it ideally suited for aircraft wings and fuselages, meter shafts and gears, and shaft keys.
    • 2024 – This alloy is widely used in military and aerospace industries, because of its mechanical properties like high strength, high fatigue resistance, and susceptibility to thermal shocks. This alloy is very corrosion resistant, due to the lack of copper in its composition, yet it cannot be heat treated. Yet, it can be quite easily sheared, bent, and punched into desired dimensions. Aluminum 5052 is commonly used in fuel/oil lines, sheeting metal parts, and fuel tanks.
    • 7050 or “aa7050 alloy”

    Size Up Your Indianapolis, IN Company’s Project With a Leading Aluminum Parts Manufacturer | Roberson Machine Company

    For more than 20 years, Roberson Machine Company has been the place to turn for your complete custom aluminum part needs in Indianapolis, IN, providing detailed precision with skilled techniques. We have Indianapolis, IN customers and partners in every industry that appreciate our central location, our dedication to timeliness, and our low costs.

    Call your answer for custom aluminum parts today at 573-646-3996 or reach out to us online.

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