aluminum CNC machining in Missouri

Here at Roberson Machine Company, we use a wide variety of materials at our aluminum. It’s in high demand for any and all CNC machining tasks–and for good reason.

No matter your industry, contact us today and learn why CNC machining with aluminum will help your project.

Aluminum Is Easy To Use

Aluminum is a strong metal, but it has roughly one-third the density of steel. This means that it can be cut and shaped by a CNC machine tool with ease. Its density also means that aluminum does not warp or deform as it’s being cut, which means your prototypes or parts can be built to higher tolerances.

Aluminum Means Quicker Turn-Around Times

Because it’s so easy to cut, we can produce parts much quicker using aluminum than steel or other metals like copper or magnesium. If deadlines are tight or rapid turnaround times are required, aluminum may be your business’ best choice.

Aluminum Resists Rust

Aerospace has long used aluminum for external applications because it naturally resists corrosion. Aluminum forms a small oxide layer, only about one nanometer thick, but even though that layer is small it protects against all forms of rust and decay.

Aluminum Is Highly Conductive

If you are in the electrical industry, aluminum parts provide an extra benefit as it is one of the most electrically and thermally conductive metals. Aluminum has a conductivity rating of roughly 38 million siemens per meter, much higher than steel and trailing only copper for conductivity amongst metals commonly used for CNC machining.

Aluminum Is Recyclable

Best of all, aluminum is easily and readibly recyclable. This helps business recoup costs by getting money for their waste aluminum and reduces the environmental impact of CNC machining.

Your Aluminum CNC Machining Experts

At Roberson Machine Company, we have years of experience in CNC machining and milling using not just aluminum but also steel, brass, copper and even plastic. We work with a number of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, and more. Service is our specialty and you can rest assured your parts will be manufactured quickly and to your exact needs and tolerances. Request a quote online or call our Missouri CNC machine shop at 573-646-3996 to speak with a member of our team.