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Five of the Most Common Myths About CNC Machining

Five of the Most Common Myths About CNC Machining. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that produces a part by removing layers of material from a metal or plastic workpiece.

While CNC machining isn’t new, it was developed in the 1940s, there is still some confusion about how it works. Roberson Machine Company wants to dispel any misconceptions, squash any misgivings you may have about CNC machining. Give us a call today at 573-646-3996 or contact us online. We’d love to show you just how CNC machining works for you and your project.

The Five Most Common Myths About CNC Machining Are:

  1. CNC Machining is Too Expensive
  2. No. CNC was too expensive… in the 1950s. It was more challenging and expensive for companies back then to access the software needed to power the machines. Now though, the technological advancements have dramatically driven costs down. The operating costs of CNC machinery are low in comparison to any other manufacturing method. Taking other factors into consideration, including precision and accuracy at high speeds, as well as our value-added services, CNC machining is among the most cost-effective solutions.

  3. CNC Machining is Too Slow
  4. Quite the opposite, in fact. Because CNC machining is reliable for creating high-quality repeatable parts, with precise accuracy, this process also makes it easier for Roberson specialists to calculate production times and stick to project timelines and deadlines.

  5. CNC Machining is Completely Automatic
  6. Not quite the case. Many people hear Computer Numerical Control and think that CNC machining is a “set it and forget it” solution. It’s true that significant strides in automation have been made and that a computer does most of the heavy lifting, but it would be false to say that our machinists can simply push a few buttons and come back to a perfectly executed part. To keep our CNC machines humming, our specialists must monitor cycles, measure workpieces and finished materials, replace dull tools, and engage in other critical maintenance activities.

  7. CNC Machining Does Not Enable Design Innovation
  8. No, CNC is not limited in its design capabilities. Product designers and developers often turn to our CNC specialists when they want to use plans or prototypes for niche builds that could not be created using any other process. CNC machining is uniquely capable of creating intricate designs, angular cuts, and free-form geometric designs. A CNC machine runs on a set of CAD and CAM programmed code. The CAD software designs the models and assemblies that the CAM software translates into G-code and M-code that drive the CNC machine’s tools to turn those designs into physical parts.

    Once programmed with the G-code by the Roberson specialists, our mills and lathes can cut through anything you desire with astonishing speed, turning raw material into your finished part in seconds.

  9. CNC Machining is Old Hat
  10. Not even close. The manufacturing industry is constantly changing, but CNC machining is still incredibly relevant. In addition to producing high-quality precision parts on a continuous basis, CNC machining can make precision tasks like engraving, shearing, stamping, tuning, and boring easier and faster. Most CAD/CAM software updates automatically so our machinists will always have access to the latest and greatest CNC programming. CNC machining is used in numerous industries, and is able to adapt to meet stringent standards.

    Five Myths About CNC Machining | Roberson Machine Company

    Don’t place too much faith in these myths — separate fact from fiction with the help of Roberson Machine Company. We have over 20 years of experience operating, programming, and coding CNC machines. We know these machines, and their capabilities. Get a free quote for your next CNC machining project today.

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