What is Precision Machining?

What is Precision Machining? Precision machining, particularly with the influx of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, has turned machining into an art form. In the Roberson Machine Company factories, our supervisors look at precision machining as the ability to repeat an action the same way every time with no introduced or random error. The art form is in firm control of that process and not deviating or changing course — creating the same masterpiece, if you will, over and over.

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How Does Precision Manufacturing Work?

Our skilled machinists operate our precision CNC machines relying on computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programmed tool paths based on the size and geometry of the final part. The CAD software creates a 2D vector or a 3D design of the final piece and the CAM software translates the programming code into manufacturing instructions for the CNC machine. Our precision machining systems cut almost any metal alloy and rigid plastic with concise accuracy, making the identical cut the first time as the 900th.

While manual machining was relied on for decades, and still has some advantages today, precision machining cuts manufacturing time in half, requires less manpower, and consistently produces precise, quality products. Precision CNC machines are cost effective, efficient, and versatile tools.

The Top Five Benefits of Precision Manufacturing:

  1. Precise and Accurate Production — Redundant perhaps, yes, but parts and products are made to the machine’s absolute exact specifications. Every. Time.
  2. Cost-effective — One operator for multiple machines simultaneously reduces labor costs and cuts down on wasted products as a result of human error.
  3. Improved Quality and Customer Retention — Improved quality of production benefits both the customer, with quality product delivered on time, and the machine shop, with increased retention and growth opportunities.
  4. Improved Throughput and Profitability — CNC machines improve throughput with continual machining programmed for constant repeatability. They don’t need to pause to check for accuracy or stop for a break.
  5. Increased Safety — Traditional machinery has many safety hazards, but CNC machines are designed with the operator’s safety in mind.

Industries Where Precision Machining is Vital:

Precision Manufacturing as an Art Form | Roberson Machine Company

For precision machining to maintain its art form denomination, it is imperative that, even with Roberson Machine Company’s high volume of manufacturing, we are able to create quick, consistent quality products. Our talented, experienced workforce is able to avoid having to throw away mistakes, repeating the process, or buying more material.

We built our business on knowing our customers and what they need. If you are looking for a dependable, responsive precision machining company that delivers on time and within the agreed budget, we have the capability to get the job done no matter the size or speed of your project.

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