Robots are increasingly gaining recognition in machine shops for their ability to handle materials. Robot integration leads to a variety of advantages on the machine shop floor. At Roberson Tool, we employ robot loading to benefit our employees and our customers. Indeed, utilizing these devices allows us to improve our overall production capabilities.

Robotics in the Machine Shop

Machine shops now use robotics to enhance their capabilities. Robots are increasingly becoming key components in production. Robots that tackle loading tasks:

  • Release workers to perform other more valuable duties
  • Can accomplish the designated tasks faster and easier
  • Help decrease production costs by meeting deadlines
  • Increase production but do not decrease quality
  • Provide increased efficiency in the designated tasks

Overall, by using robots for such tasks as loading and tending results in substantial advantages in terms of:

  • Production time
  • Delivery dates
  • Efficiency
  • Price

At Roberson Machine Company, we know our core clientele benefits from using robot loading for CNC. Our robots are compatible and effective with our CNC 3-, 4-, and 5-axis CNC milling for nearly any job.

Loading the tools for these CNC machine centers allows our skilled machinists to focus on performing other valuable tasks including inspections and programming. These are only a few of our many services to our customers in the energy, medical and oil and gas sectors. Our experienced and highly skilled professionals are able to work with your company – no matter what industry, to provide everything from prototypes to final assembly.

Robot Loading CNC

At Roberson Machine Company, we use robots to improve our overall levels of production efficiency. We firmly believe that by combining the best team of skilled employees with robotic systems, the result is positive for everyone. Our shop, our employees, and your company benefit. Whether you are curious about our robot loading CNC equipment or have questions about any of our services, phone (573) 646-3996.