Various terminologies that comprise CNC machining services include accuracy, tolerance, and precision, among others. CNC is the acronym that stands for Computer Numerical Control and is used to provide automation of machine tools for the production of various parts and products used in numerous industry applications

If you are using CNC machining, or you need to use this service for parts that require manufacturing, it is important to understand the various terms involved with quality CNC machining operations. At Roberson Machine Company, we have the experience or resources to deliver the parts you need for your applications based on your specifications. We utilize modern CNC machining technology that enhances automation for the production of a wide range of high-value parts on a mass scale.

CNC Machining Accuracy and Repeatability

CNC machining and accuracy relate to the distinctions between the actual measurement and the measurement of the system. The accuracy of a measurement is high if the difference between these two measurements is on the low side.

CNC Machining Precision

CNC machining services and precision involves the ability of the measurement system to produce the same measurement repeatedly. With high-quality automation, repeatability of the machine tool is essential.

CNC Machining Tolerances

Another important term to understand what comes to CNC machining is tolerance. This is defined as the allowable or predictable deviation of the measurement system from a known or standard value. The +/- symbol is often used to indicate some of the tolerance. At Roberson Machine Company, we have the capability of providing tolerances as close as +/- 0.0005 inches depending on the application involved.

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