The energy industry is an industry that is growing at a fast pace due to the fact that it provides a much needed and valuable resource – electricity – in addition to other forms of energy. In addition, this industry serves industrial and commercial customers throughout the world. The energy industry includes natural gas, electricity, wind, water, propane, and solar. Many of the players in the industry utilize various types of equipment for accessing water, fossil fuels, and more. As a result, this industry requires components and parts that are machined to precision tolerances and are also durable. At Roberson Machine Company, we have your energy-based CNC machining services covered from start to finish.

Energy Machining Capabilities

Some of the common machining capabilities utilized for energy customers include:

Multi-Axis CNC Turning: Machining centers capable of providing large turning diameters are essential to helping foster the success of oil and gas applications. This is accomplished through the application multi-axis CNC turning services.

Precision CNC Machining: With state-of-the-art machining equipment, a wide range of precision machining services can be accomplished, including turning, tapping, internal and external threading, counterboring, and countersinking.

CNC Milling: Advanced horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers are able to provide complex milling capabilities. These machining centers produce precise dimensions and tolerances for complex parts.

Materials for CNC Machining

The creation of durable parts for clients involves the ability to use the right materials. Some of the materials involved in CNC machining operations include

Alloy Steel: Energy companies use alloy steel parts of a consistent basis in applications that require corrosion resistance and excellent strength.

Low Carbon Steel: As a magnetic material, it rusts easily when exposed to certain environmental conditions. However, carbon steel is easy to machine and used for applications that require high strength.

Stainless Steel: As a strong material, stainless steel is nonmagnetic and corrosion resistant. Most of the grades of stainless steel are ideal for outdoor applications and provide excellent strength.

Brass: As a nonmagnetic material, brass is used for building components that require electrical conductivity and strength applications. Brass parts increase visual appeal and provide considerable strength at the same time.

Plastics: Many plastics are easily machinable and are utilized for energy applications that require transparency, weight, low friction, and corrosion resistance.

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