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What is Stainless Steel Machining?

Answered by Brad Roberson in Stainless Steel Machining on Apr 20, 2023.

Answers to Your Questions about Stainless Steel Machining

1. What is stainless steel machining?

Stainless steel comes from an alloy of steel with chromium and sometimes another element. This creates high corrosion resistance. However, it is not easy to machine this material because it can work harden and dull standard cutting tools quickly.
At Roberson Machine Company we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to machine your stainless steel parts.

2. What does a stainless steel machining center do?

stainless steel machining center can create precision parts to your specifications. This includes 3, 4, or 5 axis milling, turning, and other functions.

3. What size capabilities do you offer for stainless steel machining work?

We can handle stainless steel work as large as 10 inch round by 4 foot long in our lathes and Mill a 40” X 15” X 15” depending on shape and weight of part.

4. What kind of tolerances can be expected using stainless steel machining?

You can expect tolerances as tight as +/- .0005 depending on shape and size of part.

5. What are the advantages of stainless steel services?

Roberson Machine Company can create custom parts with high precision and accuracy. Since stainless steel is often difficult to machine, a stainless steel machine shop is invaluable to many businesses. You can receive high quality at affordable prices, with rapid response times.

6. Which industries benefit from stainless steel machining?

The medical device industry requires strict standards which only stainless steel can meet. We also do work for the oil and gas, and energy industries.

7. How much does stainless steel cost?

Stainless steel is more expensive than many metals and machining is not easy. To get a good idea of the costs, you can contact us about a services quote by calling 1-573-646-3996 today or go to Request a Quote for an online quote request.


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