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What is 4 Axis Machining?

Answered by Brad Roberson in Multi Axis Machining on Apr 20, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 4 Axis Machining

1. What is 4 axis machining?

A standard CNC Mill only has X, Y and Z axes. The 4th axis allows the cutting tool to move along the rotating workpiece. With 3 axis machining it is possible to make cuts forward, backward (y), side to side (x) and up and down(Z). Because all three axes can move, you have a wide range of possible cutting combinations. You benefit with even more part processing options with 4 axis machining.

2. What does a four axis machining center do?

The fourth axis (a) rotates. You have all the benefits of 3 axis cutting, but with the rotating table, the possibilities increase substantially. You can make cuts on every side of the workpiece. For example, it is possible to cut or mill slots or designs on the front, back, and sides of one piece.

3. What size capabilities do you offer for 4 axis machining work?

Our CNC milling machine has spindle speeds as high as 12,000 rpms and can handle work as large as 30″ x 20″ x 20”.

4. What kind of tolerances can be expected using 4 axis machining?

We can perform work at typical tolerances of +/-.005 inches or down to +/- .0005 tolerances with some materials and parts shapes.

5. What are the advantages of 4 axis machining services?

An additional axis gives us the chance to make more detailed work faster and more accurately. This is especially important for prototypes and custom machining.

6. Which industries benefit from 4 axis machining?

Roberson Machine Company serves the medical, energy, oil and gas industries and we do work for many other businesses too.

7. How much does 4 axis machining cost?

For an online quote on our services, click this link. To talk to someone at Roberson Machine Company about prices, call us today at 1-573-646-3996.


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