At Roberson Machine Company, we possess a wide-ranging skill set and level of experience when it comes to CNC machining services and capabilities that meet the needs of industrial commercial customers. We are committed to providing exceptional precision CNC results on your behalf to help you achieve your project, production, and process goals.

Some of the most effective and commonly used CNC machining techniques include:


As probably the first machine operation in history, turning operations involve the clamping of the workpiece onto a rotating chuck, mandrel or plate. The workpiece spins and the cutting tool is fix-mounted against it on a moving slide. This slide can be moved up and down the workpiece as necessary or farther away and closer to the center line. With this action, large amounts of material may be removed quickly.


Milling is different from turning in that the workpiece is kept in a stationary position as the cutting tool rotates on a spindle. The workpiece being machined is often maintained in a horizontal position on a machine vise. This vise is mounted on a table that can move in both the X and Y directions. Various cutting tools are held on the spindle as it moves in all three axes.

Surface Grinding

Many applications require the fabrication of a very flat surface. An exceptional way to carry this out is with the grinder. This is a spinning disk that is covered with some type of abrasive grit with a particular level of coarseness. The workpiece is positioned on a table and relocated back and forth laterally under the wheel. In other cases, it is held in place while the wheel moves.

Cylindrical Grinding

In this process, a combination of lathe turning and surface grinding is at play. With cylindrical grinding, the piece is often held stationary while a cylindrical or circular grinding wheel rotates against the surface of the piece. The significant benefit of this process is that it produces accurate and very precise tolerances and an exceptionally smooth surface.

Other effective CNC techniques include wire EDM.

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