Finding a precision machine shop that promises top-quality parts and products on time and for the right price is one thing. Whether that shop has what it takes to deliver on that promise is a whole other thing. Roberson Machine Company makes good on promises every day.

When you’re looking for a precision machine shop with more than just a single CNC table and a lathe machine, you can count on Roberson Machine Company. Our scope of machinery enables us to take on jobs of all types, in every industry, producing results that help us set the standard for customization and precision. From 1 part to 1,000, we can meet your manufacturing needs. Give us a call at 573-646-3996 or reach out to us online.

How Does My Company Choose the Right Precision Machining Partner?

Before working with a precision machine shop, be sure to ask about these five key aspects of their business:

  1. Equipment and Capabilities
  2. Right off the bat, you’ll need to determine if the shop’s equipment and capabilities are the right fit for your parts. At Roberson Machine Company, we build partnerships that last based on the parts and service we provide. We have the equipment necessary to employ multiple, simultaneous precision production runs, including:

    These are just some examples of the equipment we consistently use; we have much more, including 3D printers. If you need to utilize or have questions regarding the availability of other equipment, reach out to us online.

  3. Long-Term Business Plans
  4. When looking for a long-term partner for your precision machining, it’s critical to find a shop that can grow and adapt with you. While conversations about plans and vision for the future can initially feel uncomfortable, you deserve to know the shop you’re planning to work with will be around for the long haul. Roberson Machine Company is only as successful as our partners, and we make it easy for you to keep coming back. Give us a call at 573-646-3996 to discuss your next manufacturing project.

  5. Capacity and Lead Time
  6. Capacity and lead time are two vital factors to consider in relation to each other. A competing precision machine shop might promise a two-week lead time on its website, but lead times are measured from the date a project starts. If that shop’s capacity is low or nonexistent, they may not be able to get started on your project for another couple weeks or even a month. Suddenly, your two-week lead time becomes closer to six weeks. At Roberson Machine Company, we are always honest and transparent with prospective customers about our current capacity. If we can’t turn your project around quickly enough, we will let you know before we even begin. After all, a partnership deserves that type of attention.

  7. Tech Stack
  8. Many precision machine shops have gone fully digital, which means customers don’t have to worry about paperwork with sensitive information being strewn everywhere. How robust is the shop’s cybersecurity? The right precision machining partner for you will have taken careful steps to ensure your data is protected at all times. To maintain the highest level of security and perform the best work amidst rigorous standards, Roberson Machine Company holds the following certifications:

  9. Types of Parts They Make
  10. Ask a potential precision machine shop which industries it primarily works with to better understand the types of parts it typically makes. Roberson Machine Company works in virtually every industry. For example, we have the ability to achieve tight tolerances for our aerospace industry partners, as well as quicker, more economical production runs for our commercial and consumer industry clients. You can dive a little deeper here by asking what type of materials they tend to keep on hand or have the ability to quickly order. To achieve the best results for our clients in every industry, we use top-of-the-line materials, including:

    • Plastics:
      • PLA
      • PETG
      • ESD-PETG
      • CF-PETG
      • PC-ABS
      • PC-ABS FR
      • PC PBT
      • Polylite
      • N12 Carbon Fiber

5 Considerations For Choosing a Precision Machine Shop | Roberson Machine Shop

If you are in need of a precision machining partner, we hope you’ll consider Roberson Machine Company. We’re ready and willing to answer any questions you have about our equipment and capabilities, long-term business plans, industry expertise, tech stack, and long-term business plans, and we’d love to partner with you for all of your machining needs.

Call us right away at 573-646-3996 or connect with us online.