A good CNC machine shop can be one of your most valued business partners. You have a trusted source for parts when needed, and they can give you high-quality work from production all the way to prototyping. However, some companies today choose to outsource this work to overseas shops, and this can cause your business a number of problems. Here are four good reasons to go with qualified CNC machining services like Roberson Machine Company, right here in the United States.

1. Communications

If you’re working with a company on the other side of the planet, you could experience three kinds of communication problems. For example:

  • Time zone differences

  • Language barrier

  • Distance

2. Longer Lead Times

If your CNC machining services are thousands of miles away, you have to communicate what you want and need, place the order, wait for the work, and then it could take more than a week until you receive your parts or materials. A shop in the U.S. can take your order and have it ready for you in short order. In fact, domestic shipping services are fast and affordable. They are considerably cheaper than international shipping costs.

3. Business Reputation

Many studies show that American businesses and customers prefer to do business with U.S. based companies. It’s good for your public image.

4. Economy

When you take your business overseas, people in the United States lose work. Everyone working together is what made this country great, and we need to be looking out for each other by keeping as much work here in America, as possible. Roberson Machine Company is located in the middle of the United States for easy access, and when you use our CNC machining services, you keep American jobs here at home. Call us today at (573) 646-3996 to check out the many services we have to offer.