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3D Printing Services Baton Rouge, LA

3D Printing Services. 3D printing has quickly turned into a common way to manufacture everything in Baton Rouge, LA, from advanced automotive and aerospace components to human kidneys to plastic trinkets, and everything in between. In 2022, Roberson Machine Company added new 3D printing capabilities and laser engraving services to our lineup. We are truly amazed at the limitless manufacturing potential at our fingertips, and the opportunity to enhance our capability as a leading single-source manufacturer for your Baton Rouge, LA business. Give us a call today at 573-646-3996 or reach out to us online for more information on the boundless uses of 3D printing.

3D printing technology delivers unrivaled Baton Rouge, LA manufacturing freedom, creating new production potentialities throughout the industrial landscape. Roberson Machine Company creates 3D printed parts efficiently and quickly near Baton Rouge, LA, achieving complex geometries and surface detail in a variety of industry-grade plastics and metals, and customizes your parts for their end-use with an assortment of value added, finishing, and post-processing options.

Roberson Machine Company supplies industry-leading 3D printing services for your business near Baton Rouge, LA. No matter if you need production parts or prototypes, we can make them for you in as fast as one day on demand. We are your Baton Rouge, LA company’s one-stop shop for accurate, precise, custom 3D printed parts at an affordable price. Call us as soon as possible to get started on our 3D printing services at 573-646-3996 or contact us online. Feel free to upload your design file in STL or CAD formats to get an immediate online quote.

How Does Baton Rouge, LA 3D Printing Work?

Everything starts with a 3D model. Most of our Baton Rouge, LA industry customers have sketched designs before getting a quote, however our machinists are more than happy to work with you near Baton Rouge, LA from square one if needed. We also have a large 3D library. The 3D model is converted into machine language, referred to as G-code, through a process called slicing, and is then ready to print. 3D printing is completed layer by layer, occasionally numbering as many as the hundred-thousands.

According to research from Acumen Research and Consulting, the global 3D printing services market is expected to reach $41 billion by 2026. Where 3D printing was once only suitable for prototyping and small, one-off manufacturing runs, it is now rapidly transforming into a production technology. 3D printing technology will likely change the way we live, work, and play in the future in Baton Rouge, LA and transform almost every trade.

Along with our 3D printing, Roberson Machine Company provides these services for our Baton Rouge, LA customers:

What Industries Use Baton Rouge, LA 3D Printing Services?

3D printing services encompass many methods of Baton Rouge, LA technologies and materials, and are being used in every industry. Examples include the following:

  • Automotive
  • The automotive industry has been making use of Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing technology for years, such as printing fixtures to tools and spare parts. It has also enabled on-demand manufacturing, leading to less inventory and shortening design and production cycles. Car enthusiasts are using 3D printing to restore old cars, including these Australian engineers who printed parts to bring a 103-year-old Delage Type-S back to life.

  • Aerospace
  • The aerospace and aviation industry employs Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing services in a variety of ways for many different parts and technologies. One example is GE Aviation, which 3D printed 30,000 Cobalt-chrome fuel nozzles for its LEAP aircraft engines. Approximately 20 individual parts that previously had to be welded together were integrated into one 3D printed part that weighs 25 percent less and is 5 times stronger. The engine is the market’s best selling due to its high level of efficiency, and, by printing the fuel nozzles, GE saves $3 million per aircraft.

  • Medical
  • Over the last decade, more than 100,000 hip replacements have been 3D printed. Additionally, almost every hearing aid sold and bought since 2001 has been 3D printed due largely to Rapid Shell Modeling. Huge strides have also been made in:

    • Dental: Molds for clear aligners, crowns, dentures, and surgical guides have all been 3D printed.
    • Biotech: Academia and biotech firms have tested Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing services for possible use in tissue engineering applications where body parts and organs are built utilizing inkjet techniques. Layers of living cells are placed onto a gel-like medium and slowly built up to form 3D structures.
  • Consumer Goods
  • The 3D printed eyewear market is estimated to reach $3.4 billion by 2028. The fact that the measurements of an individual are easy and quick to process make 3D printing particularly suitable for eyeglasses frames. The 3D printing procedure has also progressed enough near to supply high-quality, customized ophthalmic lenses. Also benefiting from Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing services are the footwear and jewelry industries.

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What Capabilities Does Your Baton Rouge, LA 3D Printing Services Have?

Our Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing service is designed for flexible, scalable, cost-effective manufacturing, from prototyping to high-volume production runs. We use the latest additive manufacturing technology to develop economical functional parts. Contact us or give us a call at 573-646-3996.

Our build volume for a single extension includes:

  • 19 (length) x 19 (width) x 19.6 (height) centimeters OR
  • 7.5 L x 7.5 W x 7.75 H inches

And for a dual extension:

  • 15.2 (length) x 19 (width) x 19.6 (height) centimeters OR
  • 6 L x 7.5 W x 7.75 H inches

While everything is dependant upon what you and your Baton Rouge, LA business need to fulfill your project, the materials we use include:

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Why Should My Baton Rouge, LA Business Select Roberson Machine Company For 3D Printing Services?

Use our 3D printing services and technologies to accelerate your Baton Rouge, LA product development and production processes. Give us a call today at 573-646-3996 or contact us online to talk about your Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing ideas. Our partners enlist our services for these reasons:

  • Exceptional 3D Prints Near Baton Rouge, LA
  • Our new machine is raring to go. We use state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies to make the highest quality parts for an array of Baton Rouge, LA industrial and commercial applications. We can assist you with detailed research, allowing you to pick the best materials and technologies to complement your Baton Rouge, LA products’ properties and applications.

  • Baton Rouge, LA Industry Leading Expertise
  • Partner with a team of manufacturing and machining experts throughout the Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing procedure to take your product from concept to completion. To realize a product that measures up to the highest quality standards, it is crucial to build a prototype. This allows for necessary alterations to be identified and changed as early as possible. This saves both time and money.

  • Manufacturing Innovation
  • Innovation powers our manufacturing process. Need help 3D modeling your Baton Rouge, LA product? No problem, our crew can sketch something up right away and help you get IP protection for your design. Roberson Machine Company has been recognized throughout the Baton Rouge, LA area, and as one of the country’s leading innovative companies. Going from idea to prototype to production for your business in Baton Rouge, LA has never been easier or faster.

  • Central Location
  • Our recently expanded 3D printing facility and our CNC machines are just a phone call away, at 573-646-3996, from helping you with your current Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing project. We are ideally situated in a central location — on our own land and in our own facilities — for fast delivery times and access to Baton Rouge, LA and major markets to move our products with ease.

    For the Best in Baton Rouge, LA 3D Printing Services | Roberson Machine Company

    We look forward to working with you and showing off our newest 3D printing and laser engraving machines. Our Baton Rouge, LA 3D printing services, combined with our CNC machining, separate us from other Baton Rouge, LA manufacturers. Regardless of your manufacturing or production needs in Baton Rouge, LA, we want to make it as simple as possible for your Baton Rouge, LA business to take our 3D printing services for a test run, and to come back as repeat customers.

    Call us today at 573-646-3996 or reach out to us online.

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