When you choose Roberson Machine Company for your machining needs, you enjoy a wide range of benefits, and this includes wire EDM services. Perhaps you have little experience with this kind of shop service or you’d like to know how it can benefit your business. Let’s take a closer look to see what it’s all about.

What is EDM?

EDM means electrical discharge machining, and it works by passing a fine wire through a machine. The wire itself doesn’t do the cutting, but the sparks from the electricity act like a welding torch. The process takes place in water which has been purified.

Once you purify water and remove all the minerals, it’s no longer a conductor, and it works as a dielectric because it’s been ionized. A dielectric can act as a conductor and insulator at the same time. Why is this important? The water makes the perfect coolant that carries away cuttings, and it also helps to intensify the sparks from the wire.

Wire EDM services work very well for any material that’s a conductor. In other words, it’s not designed for use with plastics or wood.


Cutting with electricity gives you a clean cut that doesn’t leave burrs behind. However, this is just one of many advantages you receive.

Fragile Work

If you need to cut shapes or designs in very thin metal, wire EDM services are the perfect solution. No stress is produced on the workpiece during the cutting process, so you get no cracks or deformation.

No Heat Treatment

With some metals, you have to soften it for machining and then re-harden afterward. This is not necessary with wire EDM services. To see all the great things that wire EDM can do for you, call Roberson Machine Company today at 1-573-646-3996, or visit us on the Web at https://robersontool.com/.