Robot Tending: Saving Costs By Reducing Human Labor

Posted by Brad Roberson in Robotic Tending on Apr 16, 2019.

One of the primary goals of Roberson Machine Company is providing the latest in technology and equipment at our machining facility. The focus on the latest advances is not just for enhanced production, although it provides optimal production capacity and efficiency.

In addition, our commitment to technology actually helps to reduce our overall cost of production for machined parts and components, which translates into lower costs for our customers. This has a significant impact on our bottom line, as well as the bottom line for the OEMs that use our services. Shaving even a small amount off the cost of production of each part or component can add up significantly for both our smaller OEMs as well as our larger customers.

Robotic Tending At Roberson Machine Company

One of the technologies we have invested is in the use of robotic tending, also called robotic or automated machine tending. This technology uses robotic arms and controllers to manage the flow of material in and out of the machining centers.

The robotic arms travel the same path with each movement and place the part exactly in the same position in the machining center. There is no deviation or slight movement or error in the placement, which reduces the risk of waste. Lower waste means lower cost of production as well as increased efficiency.

With the use of robotic tending, we also reduce the cost of human labor for the basic loading and unloading of the workpieces in and out of the machining centers. Rather than having one person to load and unload one machine, we can now have one employee to oversee the operation of multiple robotics systems and to respond to any necessary issues required by the machining centers or the system.

Lower human labor costs are also passed along to our customers, which further adds to the value of this new technology on our workroom floor.


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