Medical Device Machining: It Starts With Precision

Posted by Brad Roberson in Uncategorized on May 11, 2018.

Medical devices and instrumentation are becoming smaller. They are also increasing in complexity. Finding a machine shop capable of consistently producing and reproducing such challenging work is not easy. Proper medical device machining starts with precision and not all machine shops can deliver on this requirement.

Machinists and Medical Devices

Medical devices represent a growing market for machine shops. However, not every shop has the capabilities together with the experience and expertise to handle these complex production jobs. Producing the components for medical devices requires adhering to specifications tightly. Machinists must have the most advanced equipment available as well as the technological proficiency to deliver the results expected. They must be able to machine with skill to meet specifications requiring:

  • High precision and tight tolerances
  • Complex features
  • Replicability
  • Speed of production

Medical device machining requires all this and more. Machinists must work hard to produce products from conceptual designs and specifications finer and more complex than those of even a few months ago. The style and demands of the industry and its medical clientele are forever changing to meet or beat the latest invention. In response to this, machinists must realize the expectations of the customer and exceed them if they want to continue their association for future projects. They must be able to think ahead and come up with a means of delivering.

Medical Device Machining: Precision and Quality Control

Our team of machinists works with customers and their team to produce everything from a functional prototype to a precise component. We collaborate to satisfy specifications, making alterations to improve the overall design without negatively affecting requirements and quality. We optimize our technology in the production. We also rigorously examine our processes and techniques. The quality management ensures what leaves our plant is exactly what the customer wants in terms of quality, functionality, specifications, and speed of delivery. For more information about medical device machining at Roberson Machine Co., phone (573) 646-3996.


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