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Accurate, Rapid Medical Device CNC Machining

Medical Devices CNC Machining. If you need a highly skilled CNC machining company with plenty of relevant experience in the medical device and medical manufacturing sector, Roberson Machine Company is here to help. We are an experienced company that has the advanced equipment and skilled workforce needed to accurately create complex components from a wide range of materials. If precision and attention to detail are vital for the success of your project, we can deliver to your exact specifications. You need your medical manufacturing to be exact so that you can deliver the top-quality care, push boundaries, and make breakthroughs, and our medical equipment manufacturers utilize precision machining services so that your exact specifications will be met. Call us today at 573-646-3996 or contact us here to get your free quote.

Medical Device Manufacturing Capabilities

Many customers don’t just require medical device machining; they also need a selection of other processes in order to get their components ready for the next stage in the production process. In addition to CNC machining, we can also perform CNC milling, wire EDM, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining which allows our medical device manufacturers and machines to perform bending, welding, fabrication, tumbling and deburring, engraving and assembly. Our vast array of medical manufacturing techniques and capabilities means that we will be able to create any device or part you need with the best machines for the specific job.

Medical Device Prototyping Services

In addition to completing production runs of all sizes, we also have the capability to create a medical device prototype for almost any project. We are used to working in partnership with our customers, listening carefully to what they’re looking for before coming up with a suitable solution that’s also implementable and cost-effective. Our prototype machining services creates a working model of a new or updated product or part that you can inspect and test. This means that by working with us you will be able to consistently create and distribute cutting edge medical devices. We are capable of taking your medical device from initial design, to protype, to full production.


Stainless Steel Machining

Medical devices must adhere to strict hygiene and durability standards which only stainless steel can meet. Due to stainless steel’s inherent strength, corrosion resistance, and hygiene, our stainless steel machining services are particularly valuable to our partners in the medical industry. At Roberson Machine Company we have the expertise and knowledge to create precisely-made, quality products. Using stainless steel for your medical devices ensures that the device won’t chemically react with body tissue and that the device can be repeatedly cleaned and sanitized without wearing down. With our CNC machining, stainless steel can be exceptionally versatile and malleable, making it the perfect choice for your medical device manufacturing needs. With our state-of-the-art CNC milling and CNC machining, you can reach a tolerance as tight as +/- .0005.


Wire EDM for Medical Industry Machining

Wire EDM is electrical discharge machining. In wire EDM for the medical device industry, a thin electrically charged wire with dielectric fluid creates an intense spark which creates an incredibly precise and smooth finish. No cuttings are left behind. You need your medical supply manufacturers to be precise as you can’t have any irregularities, however small. Wire EDM for medical devices is superior to other types of machining in terms of surface cleanliness, tight tolerances (.001 or better), producing sharp corners, and being able to create and cut small parts. Our medical equipment manufacturers understand that implants and other parts and tools can be incredibly small and need to be precise, and we have the best equipment and capabilities to be able to make them so.

Medical Device Machining from a Leading Manufacturer

We take quality management seriously; rigorously checking our production processes at every stage to ensure consistently high results. Your medical device need require that your equipment be precise, smooth, reliable, durable and highly hygienic. At Roberson Machine Company we have the tools and capabilities to deliver to your exact specifications. Providing a strong combination of dedicated customer care and excellent results, we are the provider of choice for a number of companies within the medical equipment and related sectors. To find out more or tell us your requirements, call us at 573-646-3996.