Wire EDM Manufacturing

At Roberson Machine Company, we are proud to offer a wide array of CNC machining services for all sorts of businesses. With more than two decades of experience under our belt, we are dedicated to producing prototypes, parts, or components built to high tolerances and in short timeframes.

What is Wire EDM?

A Wire EDM (an acronym for “Electrical Discharge Manufacturing”) machine uses a very thin strand of conductive wire, usually brass, submerged in flowing deionized water. High-voltage electricity runs through the wire creating sparks. When a piece of metal is brought across the wire, these sparks erode pieces of material off the surface of the object, with the flowing water both washing away the waste material and preventing electrical shorts.

Benefits of Wire EDM Machining

Since the wire used in a Wire EDM machine is incredibly small, it can be used in areas that require small spaces, such as threading holes in a part in close proximity, or needing to produce complex shapes in material. The thin wire also creates a smooth, burr-free surface. Since the wire does not directly contact the object being cut, this metal is not stressed or distorted–perfect for high-value or fragile material. Wire EDM processes are also useful when using high-value materials because unlike CNC milling, no chips are left behind, but rather an internal slug that can be kept for future use and save you money.

Is Wire EDM Right For Your Job?

If you are in the automotive or aerospace industries, you know the difficulty of building prototypes or dies from hard materials like tool steel. Roberson Machine Company has experienced Wire EDM technicians who are devoted to serving any industry with turn-key machine solutions. Give us a call at 573-646-3996 or request a quote online for your next Wire EDM project.