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What is Wire EDM?

Answered by Brad Roberson in Wire EDM on Apr 20, 2023.

Answers to Your Wire EDM Services Questions

1. What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM is electrical discharge machining. Instead of a standard cutting tool, it uses a thin piece of electrically charged wire with a dielectric fluid. This wire creates an intense spark which burns as it cuts, creating a smooth finish. In fact, there are no cuttings left behind. Wire EDM services from Roberson Machine Company can create a wide variety of patterns, shapes, and materials.

2. What kind of material can be cut using wire electrical discharge machining?

Roberson Machine Company works with many types of metal for wire EDM services. Almost any kind of electrically conductive metal is cut this way, and this includes brass, aluminum, carbide, and graphite materials.

3. What kind of tolerances can be expected using wire electrical discharge machining?

At Roberson Machine Company we use a Charmiles Robofil 310 with numeric control technology. It can easily cut standard tolerances of .001 inches or better.

4. What is the largest part you can cut?

The Charmilles Robofil 310 wire EDM can handle parts as large as 9.0 inches wide and 15. inches long.

5. How tall of a part can you cut?

We can cut parts as tall as 15 and ¾ inches.

6. How large of taper can you cut?

The maximum taper angle of our machine is 30 degrees.

7. What kind of tolerances can be expected using wire electrical discharge machining?

Typical tolerances are .005 inch. However, .0005 is possible with some materials and techniques. For more information, price quotes, and answers to other questions on our wire EDM services, please call us at 1-573-646-3996 today.


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