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What is Prototype Machining?

Answered by Brad Roberson in Prototyping Machining on Apr 20, 2023.

FAQs About Prototype Machining Services from Roberson Tool

1. What is prototype machining?

Prototype machining creates a working model of a new or updated part or product. It is an exact replica for the customer to inspect, test, and perform a wide range of tests for product development.

2. What does a prototype machining center do?

A prototyping center has multiple axes and can create an entire part in as little as one process. It works on CNC (computer numeric control), and the program tells the machine which cuts to make and directs the axes and cutting tool in specific directions or turns.

3. What size capabilities do you offer for prototype work?

Roberson Machine Company can handle prototype sizes in our CNC Mills up to 40” X 15” X 15” depending on the shape and weight of the part and type of material. Our CNC Lathes can machine up to 10 inch round by 4 feet long.

4. What kind of tolerances can be expected using prototype machining?

We can produce tolerances as tight as +/- .0005

5. What are the advantages of prototype machining services?

It creates a complete and finished part of the product. This gives you the chance to find out if your new ideas have merit. In some cases, you might notice errors or design flaws. When you take care of these things in the prototype phase, you do not have to worry about producing defective products and all the headaches and legal issues which can arise.
It is possible to make prototypes out of cheaper materials than the finished product, and you can save money on materials.

6. Which industries benefit from prototyping?

Just about any industry making parts or products and wanting to upgrade or create new products, can benefit from prototype services from Roberson Machine Company. This includes the dental, medical, robotics, oil/gas and energy industries.

7. How much does prototype machining cost?

Roberson Machine Company offers to give you the highest quality prototypes at the lowest possible prices. Call us today at 1-573-646-3996 for a services quote or visit us online at Request a Quote.


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