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What is 5 Axis Machining?

Answered by Brad Roberson in Multi Axis Machining on Apr 20, 2023.

5 Axis Machining Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 5 axis machining?

With a 5 axis machining center, the cutting tool may move in 3 different ways. For example, it can move up and down, forward, and to the sides. However, the workpiece table can rotate in two different ways too.

2. What does a 5 axis machining center do?

With five axis, it is possible to cut or mill in many ways. For example, you can place a rectangular workpiece in the machine and bore holes or make channels in any side. This allows the cutting-edge to work from any angle. Five sides of a workpiece get trimmed or cut in one operation if needed.

3. What size capabilities do you offer for 5 axis machining work?

Our five axis machines can handle sizes of 30 inches x 20 inches x 20 inches.

We can provide tolerances as tight as +/- .0005 depending on material and shape of the part.

4. What are the advantages of 5 axis machining services?

Here are some of the things we can do for you with our 5 axis machinery:

  • High degree of accuracy
  • Create complex shapes and sizes in one operation – this saves time and money, so we can pass these benefits on to our customers in the form of shorter lead times and more affordable costs.
  • Smooth surface finishes
  • High-quality – modern technology combined decades of experience.

5. Which industries benefit from 5 axis machining?

We serve many industries including the medical device, energy, and oil and gas industries

6. How much does 5 axis machining cost?

We offer customized work to meet your needs, so it is important to contact us at 1-573-646-3996 or request an online quote. This gives you the most accurate estimate, so there is no guessing.


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