Across America, more and more industries, such as the aerospace, medical, and automotive sectors, are all recognizing the benefits of CNC turning and using it to improve their manufacturing process. At Roberson Machine Company, a leading contract manufacturing provider, we understand that many of our prospective clients are unsure as to what CNC turning is and how it can help their business. Today, we’re going to answer these questions and help you understand the benefits of CNC turning for your particular application.

What Is CNC Turning?

Unlike CNC milling, where cutting tools move across a static piece of metal or other material to produce a new part or prototype, in CNC turning that process is reversed. CNC turning is usually done using a piece of machinery known as a lathe. A piece of metal, usually round or cylindrical in shape, is placed onto a spindle and held in place using a chuck. The dimensions and specifications of the desired part are fed into a CNC control panel using code or software that analyzes these blueprints. Once the program has been uploaded, a machinist starts the machine and the spindle begins to spin at high speeds. Lathes can be constructed so that the base metal spins either horizontally or vertically.

Once up to speed, the spindle–and its attached piece of metal–is then brought up against cutting tools placed in what is called a turret. These can move to and from the piece of metal during the machining process to create deeper cuts. There are many different types of turning methods, from straight turning (which is primarily used to make rougher, initial cuts) to more fine actions like threading (cutting in a path that makes grooves that can then be screwed into other objects) or knurling (which makes serrated patterns in materials). CNC lathes can make multiple cutting actions in one operation depending on the number of cutting tools in a single turret. Some CNC turning machines, known as “turning centers”, can even incorporate milling and drilling capabilities.

Why Businesses Use CNC Turning

CNC turning is one of the most-requested contract manufacturing services we perform here at Roberson Tool, and with good reason. Our contract manufacturing clients have come to rely on our CNC turning services because of these reasons and more:

  • Speed: CNC turning machines can easily make multiple copies of the same part quickly, because the dimensions of the desired parts are programmed into its control system.
  • Reliablilty: when the demand for tight tolerances is paramount, CNC turning is often times the first choice for manufacturing, as its process guarantees consistency.
  • Cost: CNC turning lathes are often less expensive to run compared to other CNC machines. In addition, most lathes can make multiple copies of the same part from one solid piece of metal.
  • Volume: CNC turning can easily meet and exceed even the largest production run targets.

Contact Roberson Tool For All Your CNC Turning Needs

Roberson Machine Company is an experienced contract manufacturer who can meet and exceed all your CNC turning demands. Our state-of-the-art equipment can handle long turning projects, with machines able to handle base materials up to 48 inches in length. We are experienced in machining all manner of materials from tool steel to plastics. If you are interested in hard turning procedures, our experienced machinists can easily handle that as well.

If your company is interested in joining the growing number of firms who work with Roberson Machine Company for their CNC turning requirements, give us a call at 573-646-3996, or contact us online for an estimate.