For companies that operate in the defense, energy, and medical fields, there is often a need to utilize reliable machining services. These industries provide crucial services to the public and they must stay at the helm of technological advances in order to serve their clients at the highest level. Professionals who work for these companies often rely on machining companies that provide CNC milling and turning services to produce high quality products and components.

CNC Milling

The process of CNC milling involves a procedure that cuts materials into precise sizes and shapes through the use of precision rotary cutters. Computer numerical control (CNC) is a modern technological marvel that produces high precision milling. The high level of accuracy is ensured by the computer-controlled elements of the system.

There are many benefits accrued in the above-mentioned industries through the use of a reliable CNC milling and turning service. Vertical and horizontal CNC milling processes are executed to perform complex and intricate machining procedures. These machines shave down excess material and form the materials into a desired shape, providing results that were not possible, at least as quickly, prior to the use of this technology.

CNC Turning

The process of CNC turning involves the use of a cutting tool, often a non-rotary tool bit, which is applied to a rotating workpiece in order to eliminate material and produce precise steps in diameters for the creation of a shape. The process can be executed manually with a lathe. However, it is commonly done today through use of a CNC machine.

CNC turning processes often machine material that is rigid such as metal. These turning processes are useful for industries in which precise results are a must, such as medical, electronics, and automotive. There are different types of CNC turning services for particular applications. These services included can often handle high volumes and produce precision results that cover the necessary details required by the customer.

CNC milling and turning is here to stay. The technology has advanced over the years and continues to advance for the purposes of efficiency, accuracy and precision in the production of the finished product. If you need professional CNC milling and turning, give us a call at 573-646-3996.