10 Applications of 3D Printing

Posted by Brad Roberson in 3D Printing and Manufacturing on May 24, 2023.

3D printing has revolutionized the manufacturing landscape, opening up endless possibilities for creating complex and customized components, parts, and other objects. Also known as additive manufacturing, this innovative technology has transformed manufacturing by enabling efficient production, reducing costs, and facilitating rapid prototyping. Roberson Machine Company is your choice for the game-changing applications of 3D printing.

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From advanced medical devices and aerospace components to tools and equipment, the applications of 3D printing are nearly limitless. This post will go over 10 useful applications of 3D printing.

10 Applications of 3D Printing at Roberson Machine Company

1. Implants

The 3D printing of implants permits the construction of more customizable and specialized products for patients. Examples of implants that can be 3D printed include maxillofacial implants, knee replacements, and heart valves. Entire organs are close to being able to be 3D printed. We can’t wait for this, as it will dramatically improve the delay for patients awaiting transplants.

2. Prosthetics

As the 3D printing processes and techniques continue to be refined, the creation of custom, tailored prosthetics becomes more efficient. Prior to 3D printing, prosthetics were time consuming to design and manufacture. They can now be quickly modeled in our shop with CAD software and fabricated by 3D printing, leading to better patient comfort and overall satisfaction.

3. Pharmaceuticals

Relatively new to 3D printing capabilities due to recent FDA approval of the first “printed drug,” pharmaceuticals can be made much quicker. 3D printing has the ability to make drugs of different shapes and sizes and can be utilized to spatially distribute active and inactive ingredients in the body, enabling special delivery profiles for each patient’s needs.

4. Replacement Parts

The ability to fabricate replacement parts quickly and easily is enormously beneficial to customers because it reduces both the need to travel to pickup parts and the long lead times to obtain them. 3D printing allows our industry leading customers to maximize the value of their products and spend more time on other things.

5. Space Travel and Aeronautics

3D printing is already widely used in the aerospace industry for avionics, airframes, housings, and more, and is expected to reach a worth of $5.58 billion by 2026, according to Market Research Future. Like many, we look forward to the time where 3D printing is used for the on-demand fabrication of entire structures in space and extraterrestrial environments. It can help make space travel more feasible, cost-effective, and aid in developing a sustainable human presence.

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6. Food

Currently, it takes two years of feed, water, land, and methane production to turn a grass-fed cow into a filet mignon. Stem cells are already being used to make lab-grown meat and vegetables. In the next generation’s lifetime, a filet mignon will be 3D printed from a bucket of enzymes, yet still be a meat protein.

7. Custom-Fitted Personal Products

Imagine a motorcycle helmet that is custom-fitted to your head shape to reduce impact damage. Imagine a chair that is perfectly tailored to your size, as though it was made with you in mind. It is now, with 3D printing. Normal, everyday items like doors, clothing, keyboards, and desks are designed to be used by an individual with an average build. But what about all the people that fall outside of an average build? 3D printing allows the creation of custom-fitted products which improve comfort, ergonomics, and safety for everyone.

8. Educational Materials

From topographical maps to biological replicas, 3D printing can be used to spark student creativity and improve learning and collaboration. It can bring objects out of textbooks and off computer screens for new, enhanced benefits.

9. Emergency Structures

Natural disasters like tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires can unfortunately leave people homeless for extended periods of time. By building hospitals, houses, and other structures much faster than traditional means, 3D printing can help alleviate hardships.

10. Custom Clothing

The fashion industry produces enormous amounts of waste, which ends up in landfills. Imagine if clothing could be printed on-demand, to your exact measurements. That’s the current trajectory of 3D printing.

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The applications of 3D printing continue to expand across all industries, revolutionizing our traditional manufacturing processes. From prototyping and product development to aerospace and automotive, and beyond, 3D printing has proven to be a game changer at Roberson Machine Company. It offers flexibility, customization, creativity, cost-efficiency, and enhanced capabilities, empowering our customers to innovate and bring their ideas to life.

As technology advances, we can expect even more exciting and transformative applications of 3D printing in the years to come, shaping the way we machine, manufacture, and interact with the world around us. Call us right away to learn more at 573-646-3996 or contact us online.


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