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Multi Axis CNC Virginia | 3, 4, or 5 axis CNC

Multi axis machining services in Virginia. With ability to cut along a number of different axes, you now have the power to create custom machined parts that accurately meet your exact requirements and strict specifications. The multi axis CNC machining services at Roberson Machine Company can be utilized in many different applications, businesses, and industries across the country.

Whether you need an initial prototype or a full run of components that are identical from one to the next, we have the ability to consistently meet your production goals on budget and on time. Tell us more about your multi axis CNC machining in Virginia project. Feel free to contact us or call 573-646-3996.

Multi Axis CNC Machining Benefits

At Roberson Machine Company, we have been specializing in CNC machining for more than two decades. This stands for computer numerical control that simultaneously moves the cutting tool on different axes to build a desired end shape.

In short, more axes results in more power. This type of enhanced machining capability provides faster production turnaround and lead time with exceptional quality. It’s an efficient and economical solution with many different benefits, including:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Better productivity
  • Greater precision and accuracy
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • Less tool vibration
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Enhanced product quality

All industries benefit from the power of multi axes. For instance, industries that need to create simple parts (such as consumer and commercial) can use 3 and 4 axis machining and those that require complicated designs in which accuracy is a matter of life and death (such as medical and aerospace) may use 5 axis CNC machines.

The ability to manufacture complicated designs is possibly the single biggest benefit of multi-axis CNC machining. Being able to manufacture parts using many different angles, arcs, and throughputs that are not possible to achieve on older CNC machines easily makes parts that combine both more complex designs and tighter tolerances. Virginia industries including the automotive and aerospace sectors contact Roberson Tool for their multi-axis machining needs, as they can rest assured that they will receive quality parts, made to consistent standards, and made to withstand any condition.

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Best CNC Milling - Best CNC Milling Services - Best CNC Milling Company

5 Axis CNC Machine in Virginia

Traditional 3 axis machining moves vertical on the Y-axis, sideways on the X-axis, and back-and-forth on the Z-axis; on the other hand, with 5 axis machining, you can also get two additional axes as well as these: the tilting table (A-axis) and the table rotation (C-axis). With the spindle head being closer to the workpiece, you can have shorter and tighter cutting tool control with less deflection and vibration. This, in turn, improves surface finishing.

5-axis CNC machines may also be used in what is called “3+2” mode. This means that the two table axes are locked, securing the work piece or cutting tool into a single position. 3+2 mode lets parts that would normally be machined on a 3-axis CNC machine to be made on equipment that does not need as many setup changes, special fixtures, or as much downtime. It also allows parts that have unique features or holes on multiple faces to be manufactured quicker and more reliably.

By consolidating linear axes operations into one set-up, you can increase production accuracy and throughput while reducing overall waste, costly work fixtures, and cycle time. With so many different directions of work achievable with 5-axis machines, some may believe that they should only be used for specialty projects. This is not true as they can still be used for everything from highly complicated parts to relatively simple parts.

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4 Axis and 3 Axis CNC Milling Services in Virginia

We are proud to use 3 and 4 axis machining to tackle any job, not matter how demanding. At Roberson Machine Company, we are committed to investing in ongoing industry training, highly-experienced machinists, and the latest technology.

Our quality management system not only allows us to deliver accurate products every time, but to also take a look at our processes and see where we can improve and cut costs. It is our mission to keep prices competitive without ever compromising on the quality of the end product.

Best 5 Axis CNC Machining Services in Virginia | Roberson Machine Company

As a leading provider of CNC milling services and all types of machining for over 15 years, we can help you create the most demanding shapes that require incredible detail in as little amount of time as possible.

The veteran machining staff at Roberson Tool is eager to handle your Virginia multi-axis machining project. We own our building and lot, which allows us to use the money other engineering firms would spend on rent and instead use that money to regularly upgrade our machinery. As an ISO 9001-certified machine shop, all of our employees put quality first and foremost and we are committed to provide the best possible customer service. Our machine shop is also centrally located near multiple railway lines, cargo airports, and major interstates, allowing for our Virginia customers to get top-quality parts on schedule, regardless of deadlines.

To learn more from our team or to request a quote for multi axis CNC machining or CNC milling services in Virginia, contact Roberson Machine Company or call 573-646-3996.